Connected By

Qatar Post

CONNECTED is Qatar Post’s new eCommerce service. It is an international shipping service that offers hassle-free shopping options, and then delivers the items from online stores in the USA or UK to Qatar at competitive rates.

Our strategy involved the optimizing the online presence of Connected, on-site conversion optimization, and long-tail keyword targeting. Because of the nature of Connected’s business, we made changes on the UI, got the website indexed using webmaster tools, highlighted the page and doubled the traffic to the website through organic search, referrals and direct traffic.

Key Tasks:

  1. Google business page and Google maps listing which improved the search results
  2. Optimized the UI of the home page which helped in tagging the content from webmaster tools
  3. Optimized the backend codes, meta tags, compressed the size of images and eliminated render blocking java scripts
  4. Doubled the traffic to the website through Organic Search, Referrals and Direct traffic.